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Your pets.

This page is for your pets. Send in your drawings, photographs, videos and writing about your pet. Perhaps you could explain how you care for your pet and if they need special equipment to keep them well? Maybe your pet plays funny games or has favourite toys? Remember to tell us how old your pets are and what they are called. Send your pet picture's to

Nathaniel African land snail is called Speedy.

Alice has a pet dog called Ruby and a tortoise called Bob! Can you guess what kind of food Bob might eat?

Francis has another pet cat called Ginger. Ginger is 2 years old and has been with Francis' family since he was a kitten. He is very mischievous!

Ginger once fell asleep in the tumble dryer!!
Ginger likes to play with water.
Ginger can be very cheeky!
Ginger when he was a kitten.

This is Francis' cat called Dex. He is 4 years old and from a cat rescue. Francis and his family looked after Dex so well and now he is a very happy and chilled out cat!

Francis and Dex like to take naps together.
Dex loves cuddles
Dex loves to sunbathe!
Sometimes Dex can be mistaken for a rug!

Sophie has a pet called Snowflake. Why do you think recalled it snowflake and what kind of animal is it?