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What Have Fir Class Been Doing?

Fir Class Home Learning Gallery


Take a look at all the interesting and exciting home learning your class mates have been getting up to! The teachers are so impressed with all your hard work and the support your parents and families are giving you.

Hudson has completed an amazing art piece of a Lion - he has made it 3D by adding lots of materials! 


Matthew and Henley have both been busy planting and have grown their own Sunflowers! smiley

Alfie has been very busy the past few weeks - keep it up! smiley


Matthew sharing his 'Ultimate Maths Game!' 

Amelia and Olivia have been busy painting and drawing images of animals.

Olivia with her leopard and Amelia sharing her monkey in a tree. 

Henley has spent his time painting a beautiful canvas.

What a lovely task to do in the Sunshine! yes

Writing and Science activities

Maths Games and Activities







Art and D.T.