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Travelling through time

Year 3 are learning all about the Stone age at the moment and have enjoyed the book 'Stone age boy'. Here are some drawings and water colour painting that they have done, after looking at the book.

Maple class had a great time in forest school, only using items that would have been around in the Stone age. Can you work out what they have created?

The children became archaeologists, using tweezers and brushes, they carefully searched through the soil to see what they could find. They found some things that could have been from the stone age, but some things were not!


We looked at pictures of real Stone age cave paintings and were inspired to create our own. What do you think?

We have been looking at the book 'The secrets of Stonehenge'. The children have created their own versions in forest school. 

Year 3 created their own Iron age Hillforts, don't they look great. I was impressed with their teamwork.