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In Run Veggies Run awards are given to the best in every sporting activity.  Watch the video celebrating the gold medals that Britain won in the 2012 Olympics, how many different sports, medals and awards can you spot?  Then watch the 2017 Paralympic Sports Aawrds, spotting all the different trophies that athletes and professionals were awarded.  Finally, watch the video of all the different trophies that can be awarded in different sports.  Then make your own award for when you have completed your maths exercise activity.  Send a picture of your award, of you and your reward or a video of your own award ceremony!  We can't wait to see them.

Team GB Golden Moments | London 2012

The golden moments of Team GB from the London 2012 Olympic Games.Team GB celebrated their most successful Olympic Games since 1908 after securing 65 medals a...

2017 Paralympic Sport Awards | Highlights

Paralympic Sport Awards honour top athletes and officials, recognizing their achievements from the most recent Paralympic Games. There are five award categor...

comparison : Expensive Trophy price 💰

This is a comparison of sports competitions all around the world. they are not all only the expensive and random taken.congradulation to Arsenal they won the...