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The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo 


Read the story of the Gruffalo, if you don’t have the actual book the online version is below. 

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

The Gruffalo is a modern classic written by the incomparable Julia Donaldson


Watch Julia Donaldson using Makaton actions to sing the Gruffalo song and have a go at joining in.  Can you describe the Gruffalo to a grown up?

The Gruffalo Song in Makaton

Julia Donaldson, her husband Malcolm, and special guest perform The Gruffalo Song with Makaton signs.


  • Draw or paint your favourite character from the story. Think about what colours and shapes you should use.
  • Using lego or cardboard boxes have a go at making a house for the Gruffalo to live in. Can you explain to a grown up how you made it?  
  • Using toilet roll tubes, have a go at making a log pile house for the snake, how many logs did you use?
  • The gruffalo was going to eat scrambled snake, could you make scrambled egg for lunch or make your own gruffalo crumble. Don’t forget to count and measure the ingredients.
  • Have a discussion about woodland animals,  can you think of any other animals the mouse might meet in the deep dark wood.