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As part of the curriculum, children from years 2, 3 and 4 participate in weekly swimming lessons at the Abbey Stadium pool.


Swimming schedule for Holyoakes Field First School    2018-19

Update – JANUARY 2019

Fridays    - small pool      Yr 2      10.00-11.00

Fridays -  large pool  11.00 -12.00    Yrs 3 and 4



14th September             Hazel class

14th September       Maple + All yr 4

21st  September             Fir class

21st September       Oak class + All yr 4

28th September             Hazel class

28th  September      Maple class + All yr 4

5th  October                    Fir class

5th  October             Oak class + All yr 4

12th October                   All  yr 2

12th October            Maple class + All yr 4

19th October                   All  yr 2

19th October            Oak class + All yr 4     

                                          Friday 26th 0ctober school closed TE day  No swimming

                                   Half term holidays  Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November

9th November                 All yr 2

9th November          Maple class + All yr 4

16th November              All yr 2

16th November        Oak class + All yr 4

23rd November              All yr 2

23rd  November       Maple class + All yr 4

30th  November             All yr 2

30th  November       Oak class + All yr 4      

                                                 Friday 7th December        NO swimming

               Friday 14th December     NO swimming

                  Friday 21st December      NO swimming

           Christmas holidays Monday 25th Dec  - Friday 4th Jan

11th January                  All yr 2

11th January           Maple class + All yr 4

18th January                  All yr 2

18th  January          Oak class + All yr 4

25th January                  All yr 2

25th January           Maple class and All yr 4

1st  February                 All yr 2                    

1st  February          Oak class and All yr 4

8th February                  All yr 2                  

8th February           Maple class and All yr 4

15th February               All yr 2                  

15th February        Oak class and All yr 4    

                             Half term holidays    Monday 18th - Friday 22nd  February

1st March                      All yr 2

1st  March               All yr 3 and 4

8th March                      All yr 2

8th March               All yr 3 and 4

15th March                   All yr 2

15th  March            All yr 3 and 4

22nd  March                 All yr 2

22nd  March           All yr 3 and 4                        

29th March                   All yr 2

29th March             All yr 3 and 4

5th April                        All yr 2

5th April                  All yr 3 and 4                

                                                          Friday  12th April  NO swimming

                                               Easter holidays    Monday 15th –Friday 26th April

3rd May                        All yr 2

3rd  May                All yr 3 and 4

10th   May                   All yr 2

10th  May              All yr 3 and 4               

17th May                     All yr 2

17th May               All yr 3 and 4

                                                Friday  24th May  NO swimming school closed TE day

                                               Half –term holidays    Mon 27th May – Fri 31st May

7th June                      All yr 2

7th June                All yr 3 and 4

14th June                    All yr 2

14th June              All yr 3 and 4

21st  June                   All yr 2

21st  June             All yr 3 and 4

28th June                   All yr 2

28th June       All yr 3  (Not Yr 4 at residential)