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Springtime games, videos and photos.

Please send photo's of  your spring time spots to 


The photos will be posted on here for us all to share.


There is also a video of the tadpoles towards the bottom of the page.

Zachary has been busy spotting flowers and finding things to make his bug hotel with.

If I were a bug I would definitely stay here.
Zachary made a bug hotel..
Zachary spotted some daisies.

Macey has spotted some animals on her walk!

Macey saw some ducks on her walk.
Macey saw some sheep and their lambs too!

Things that Casey has spotted and made for nature.

Casey spotted a Peacock butterfly.
Some ducks on the canal
Casey waters some seeds.
Casey spotted some lambs.

Some pictures that Emrys took on his walk

Some bluebells in the woods.
These are some flowers growing at Emrys' house.
A bird's nest in Emrys' neighbour's tree.
He saw some teddy bears having a picnic!

Things Amelia has spotted.

Amelia spotted ducklings.
Amelia fed the ducks.
Amelia spotted a swan.

Amelia has been drawing and writing about Ladybirds.

Alice has been very busy!

Alice helping to build a pond in her garden.
Alice looking after her pet tortoise.

Things that Daisy has spotted.

Daisy spotted some blossom.
Daisy made a pond for wildlife.

Bleidd has made a volcano and a bug hotel.

Nikola spotted some ducks and swans on her bike ride

Nikola spotted some ducks
Nikola spotted some ducks
A swan Nikola spotted
Nikola spotted some swans

Amelia spotted a slug and made some butterfly wings

Francis went for a walk and spotted some tadpoles!

Bees using Mrs Johnson's bug hotel.

Still image for this video

Things Mrs Johnson has spotted.

Things Miss Patmore has spotted:

Flowers Miss Walker has spotted


Miss Walker has filmed some more videos of the tadpoles in her pond. Can you work out which stage they are at in the frog life cycle?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tadpoles - Video 1

Still image for this video

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