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Spring term


In Maths this term, we have begun working with numbers up to 50, with a focus on representing numbers in different ways.


We have been comparing objects and numbers using the language and symbols greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=). 



In Art, we have been learning about the famous illustrator and artist Quentin Blake. We have looked at the unique style of his work and even had a go at creating our own pictures of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory using pencils and watercolours!




This term we have been looking at different materials and their properties. 


We have learnt the meaning of the words transparent, opaque, absorbent and waterproof and then tested materials to find out what properties they had. 

In groups, we worked together to test different materials to decide which one would be best to make an umbrella for Ted the bear. We had to observe carefully to see what had happened to the material after dropping water onto it.