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Sports Premium

Holyoakes Field First School PE Provision Map  2018-19

The Aim of the funding is to have a positive impact on Children’s lifestyle and physical well – being.    Total £17,185.67


Expected Impact

Actual Impact


Number of children involved /Year Grops

Malvern Outdoor Adventure

Subsidy and transport



Children to experience outdoor activities to enhance their life skills

Children all achieved Nola awards and learnt new skills and for many of them it was the first time away from home

2 staff attended who have been before. I new member of staff and 1 volunteer – all very impressed with the organisation

38  Year 4 children

Swimming –

Hire of the pool          




Experiencing a life skill

Physical activity. Increase the number of children who leave first school who are confident swimmers.

Many more children were able to swim 25 metres competently.  30 out of 46 year 4 pupil’s now strong swimmers.

Certificates awarded at the end of the year. Assessment made for year groups moving up.

All Year 2 (provided for out of the budget - not PE funding)

All Year 3 -  children

All Year 4 -  children

Continue to support the delivery of PE lessons CPD for all teaching staff


Gymnastics training  for all teachers and training for site manager to carry out safety inspections

Staff now feel more confident to teach gymnastics to their own classes

PE coordinator to observe impact after next year as training was in the summer term

All year groups

Subsidise winter PE Kits for all



To enable children to take part in outdoor sports all year round

Many children previously did not have outdoor kit and time outside had to be limited

Children all look extremely smart and the kit looks great when at pyramid events

Rec to year 4


Large and small PE equipment ( gym mats/ football nets  bibs balls etc)


To purchase equipment to offer new sports and experiences for the children

and awards

Improved equipment for enhanced safety

Take on board suggestions from children in pupils voice

All children in the nursery and school

Forest school outfits


Outfits of different sizes purchase for different year groups

Extra outfits to allow good drying time so children do not miss out

Ensure children are wearing these at events and in lessons

All children in school

Bikeability  £100

To ensure children are riding their bikes safely

Many roads are very busy near school

Parents valued the sessions

All Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Pyramid subscription  £500

T enable the children to take part at interschool events

Children able to work and compete with local school

PE coordinators report back to heads

Yr 1 to yr 4

Dance – and arts week £1,100

Children able to have tasters of different types of dance

Children’s enjoyment in dance and particularly with boys

PE coordinator to hold feedback sessions with the pupils

Rec – yr 4

After school clubs- Redditch United Football Club £1,400

Children receiving quality coaching

Links made with Redditch United children attend matches at RUFC

PE coordinator works well with the coach form the club

Yr 2-4