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Soggy Soils (29th-3rd July)

As part of our Rocks and Soils science topic, this week you will be exploring different types of soil. Now, soil can look quite dull and boring, but it is actually very useful and has many different properties! Use the PowerPoint to find out more about different types of soils.


After you have done this, I want you to think about how you might use the information from the PowerPoint to sell some soil to a garden centre. What makes your soil different to everyone else's? Is it magical soil? What makes it special? Look at the adverts to help you. Remember to use key words from the PowerPoint to help you!


As an extra challenge, there is some instructions to make your own compost at the end of the PowerPoint! This would be great to do, especially in the nice weather. Mrs Asplin and I can't wait to see what you get up to! Remember to send your pictures to