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Small Creatures, with Big Stories

Look what we came into on Monday morning, who or what could they be?

Mischievous Minpins

We have been enjoying exploring some new stories in our theme lessons, and have been thinking about describing settings from these stories. We have also had a go at some observational drawings to aid our description of the 'Forest of Sin'. We went outside and had a look at the trees on the school site. 

'Looking Up' Artwork

After our observational drawings we had a go at creating some looking up art. W had to use different media to create different textures. They look great!

Grid Method

To help us when multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers, we created our own tape grid and tried to solve some tricky sums. It was good to be able to put the numbers into the correct places and see the answers come together. Test us at home to see what we can remember!