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Slugs, snails and worms.

Play one of these games and see which minibeasts you can find.

Watch these videos to find out about slugs, snails and worms.

Snails For Kids

Jess has a close look at some of the most easily-spotted minibeasts - snails. Their whole bodies act as a single foot, which ripples along on a trail of slim...

Snails, Slugs, and Slime! | Animal Science for Kids

Jessi and Squeaks look at some amazing creatures that they found in their garden: snails and slugs!----------Love SciShow Kids and want to help support it? B...

Worms For Kids

Let's take a close look at worms in her treehouse den, and show children how to make a wormery. For more videos about bugs click: th...

Wildlife Wednesday: How to make a wormery!

Join Rachel and Zach from Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust as they show us how to make a wormery! Download our 'make your own wormery' activity shee...

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