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Sign of the Week

Communication is a vital part of life, both in school and out in the wider community. Good communication skills help us to build relationships, share our knowledge and understanding and express our wants and needs.

At Holyoakes, we recognise the importance of being able to communicate in lots of different ways, including using our words and our actions. We know that there are lots of reasons why some adults or children cannot communicate verbally and that using signs to support our talking helps everyone, not just these individuals. 

In their assemblies with Miss Hughes, the children have been learning some different signs. In Worcestershire, 'Signalong' is used for this, with the signs being used alongside speech.


Have a look at the videos below to see the signs the children have learnt:

Week 1 - Finished

Week 2 - Wait

Week 3 - Help

Week 4 - More