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Seeing is Believing

Our Christmas topic this year is 'Seeing is Believing'! We will be thinking about the magic of believing and looking at poetry. Our class books is 'The Polar Express' by Chris Van Allsburg.

Smashing Similes

We have been learning all about similes, to start our new topic. We learnt that they are used to compare nouns and always have 'as' or 'like' in them. We did some simile searching and wrote some of own. 

Mean Metaphors

After learning about similes, we thought about using metaphors to describe. They were very tricky and hard to understand, but we created some beautiful metaphors to describe a scene from the Polar Express. See if you can create some more at home to describe the Polar Express!


The Elves are wild bluebells in a forest.

The snow is a falling white blanket.

Rudolph’s nose is a shining star.

The falling snowflakes are dancers.

The sky is a mirror.

The moon is a white balloon.

The clouds are balls of cotton.


We learnt that the first people to explore and locate the North Pole was Matthew Henson and Robert Peary. We then did some of our own research to find out about some different explorers and the countries they located- it was very interesting!

Grid Method

This week in Maths, we have been learning and applying our times tables skills into the grid method. It was tricky at first to learn this new method but we did some practising on the carpet with whiteboards and we have got the hang of it! Look at us in action:


Eccentric Circles

For our art project, we tried to recreate a sunset landscape by mixing colours. We had to listen and follow instructions, while mixing the slightest bit of white and a colour at a time! They look amazing!

Polar Express Day

As a special reward for all our hard work during this topic, we had a festive Polar Express day! We showed off our amazing teamwork skills by baking some delicious gingerbread men, then wrote some beautiful acrostic poems, and then finally watched the film. We had so much fun!

We have also made some lovely Christmas cards and calendars.