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Rockin' Rocks (22nd-26th June)

What could we be learning about this week? Rockin' Rocks of course! Watch the video below to explore different types of rocks. You will then need to use the resources provided to find out as much information as possible about different types of rocks, and complete the tasks given. 


After you have completed these, it would great for you to become an explorer! Either in your garden, or whilst out on a walk, have a look around you and see what types of rocks you can find! Who can find the rarest rock? Who can find the strongest rock? Remember to take a picture of what you find, so Mrs Asplin and I can have a look. Send your pictures to

Types Of Rocks | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Hey kids! What strikes your mind when you hear the word rock? Is that 'rock music?' Well not anymore, as Dr.Binocs is here to explain different types of rock...