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Children starting reception in September are working on Phase 1 phonics. Phase 1 phonics encourages children to listen to the different sounds in words.


Alphablocks is a TV show on Cbeebies which models the correct pronunciation of the sounds.  It is important children learn to pronounce the sounds correctly.


Activities to do at home 


  • Making noises - Give your child a drum beater and encourage them to go around making different sounds by tapping and stroking the beater on different items in the house. Discuss the different sounds each item makes. 
  • What's in the box? Have a box with a hole in and various items (keys, crisps packet, squeaky toy, etc)  and sing the following song:


[Your name] has a box ee i ee i o 

and in that box she/he has a... 


Stop and gesture to listen and then make a noise with the item in the box, your child then has to guess what is in the box. 


  • Describe and find it - have a range of objects, describe an object and your child has to find it. After encourage your child to describe an object for you to find. 
  • Rhyming soup - Have a bowl and a spoon with a selection of rhyming objects and sing the song (tune of pop goes the weasel) 


I'm making lots of silly soup

I'm making soup that's silly 

I'm going to put it in the fridge 

To make it nice and chilly 

it goes.... (a fox, a box, some socks) 


  • At home give your child instructions with segmented words e.g. Please pass me your toy c-ar. Go and get your sh-oe-s, where is the c-a-t?
  • While your child is playing with their toys, point out the different sounds each item begins with. E.g. if your child is playing with a toy horse, you would point out that a horse begins with the h sound.  To extend this activity you could encourage your child to find other items with the same initial sound.
  • Encourage your child to hear rhyming words in a story or get them to continue a rhyming string. For example, if you say ‘cat’ your child could say ‘mat’ and you keep going until you can’t think of anymore rhyming words

 Ruth Miskin is currently doing a daily phonics lesson on youtube. Each day she is introducing a new sound. Click on the link  below