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Nursery - Seedlings and Saplings

Miss Beatson, Miss McMulkin, Mrs Waugh and Mr Britten would like to welcome you to Holyoakes Field First School Nursery.  Your children will join in with lots of different themes, each theme being posted on the Nursery notice board, along with newsletters and other bits of information.  They will enjoy learning in lots of different ways, having fun along the way and making lots of new friends.  Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you would like any further assistance.  Holyoakes Field First School and Nursery,  where all children have the opportunity to shine -  Happy,  Friendly,  Fun,  Safe.



 We've started the school year off with an exciting topic about dinosaurs. The children got to hatch baby dinosaurs from ice eggs and they have created their own dinosaur pictures using 2d shapes. We are reading a selection of dinosaur themed stories and we are learning dinosaur songs to help us name and describe the different dinosaurs. 



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 This week we have been learning some number songs to help us recite and count correctly.  Have a go at singing our favourite number song at home. 

                        How many fingers on one hand, 

                        How many fingers on one hand,

                        How many fingers on one hand,

                        Lets all count together, 


                       12345    12345   12345   12345 


                        How many fingers on two hands,

                        How many fingers on two hands,

                        How many fingers on two hands,                                                      Lets all count together, 


                       12345 678910 12345 678910 


                        Clap clap clap your hands 

                        clap clap clap your hands 

                        Clap your hands together.