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Name the Bunny Boo's.

Say "hello" to the Bunny Boo's, a friendly family of bunnies who are going to play some games and do some activities with us next week.

The Bunny Boos.

The Bunny Boos. 1

None of the Bunny Boo's have a name yet. Perhaps you could think of some names for them?

Picture 1 The purple Bunny Boo
Picture 2 The Green Bunny Boo
Picture 3 The pinky Orange Bunny Boo
Picture 4 The yellow Bunny Boo
Picture 5 The blue Bunny Boo.

Send your name ideas to the office email address and we will chose the ones we like the most. The Bunny Boo's names will be picked on Tuesday the 19th of May.

Thank you for sending in your name suggestions. You can see from the photographs that I am getting ready to pick the name for each bunny from the names in their pot. I have written your name ideas on paper and put them in each bunny's pot. Zachary and Freddie I have shared your names between all of the Bunny boos so they each have one of your ideas. 

Picture 1 Name ideas from Nathaniel.
Picture 2 Name ideas from Amelia
Picture 3 Daisy's names for the bunnies
Picture 4 The names that Sophie has chosen.
Picture 5 Casey thinks these names would be good for them.
Picture 6 I wrote all the names on pieces of paper.
Picture 7 I put the names in the bunnies pots.
Picture 8 These bunnies have their name ideas in their pots.

There is still time if anyone else wants to join in but you will need to be quick! I will record the name picking tonight and post it on here in the morning.

Picture 1

The Bunny Boo's say thank you to these children for  suggesting names for them.