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My colourful world

 In Year three, we are starting with our theme of ‘My Colourful World’, starting with the book – ‘The day the crayons quit’ by Oliver Jeffers. Over this half term we will be also looking at different types of writing, colourful art, clay sculpture, place value in Maths (as well as addition and subtraction), magnets and forces in Science, researching and finding different places in the world in geography!

We have created some new colourful, clay pots for the crayons to live in, we hope they like them. 

The children have enjoyed exploring mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. They have also learnt how to create tones of a colour.

We have been researching the artist Wassily Kandinsky, they have created art in his style, with a twist. Instead of paint they have used tissue paper.

In our DT sessions, we evaluated the 'Crayon Fort' that Duncan had made for all of his crayons. We then designed and created our own new homes for the crayons, so that they would all be happy. We had so much fun!

Science week!

The children have really enjoyed learning about magnets and forces during science week. They have been investigating and carrying out experiments to find out more about them. They even created some magnetic artwork!