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Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

To start this half term we will be thinking all things 'light and dark'. By the end of the topic we hope to understand what shadows are, how shadows are made and what light sources are. We will be doing lots of Science investigations to answer questions we have alongside lots of literacy work around the story 'The Foggy, Foggy Forest'. 

Festival Fun

In our first week of our new topic, we have been learning about the 'Festivals of Light'. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita to help us understand why Diwali is celebrated, made Diwali fact files and retold the story of Guy Fawkes. What a busy week! We finished off the week by making delicious chocolate apples. Take a look at us having fun when we made them!

We have put some of our fantastic work on the wall too, take a look at our great displays!



Dictionary Detectives

In order to improve our dictionary skills, we used them to create a Scientific Glossary to help our understanding of what shadows are.

Invasion Games at Trinity 

We had so much fun putting our skills we learnt a couple of weeks ago to the test at Trinity! In teams, we played football, handball and hockey against other schools. 

Super Science

We have turned our classrooms into crazy science labs this week and have been investigating all things shadow related! We looked at how the position of the sun changes a shadow and how shadows change when a light source is moved. We also, had a look around the classroom to see which materials we could find that we opaque, transparent and translucent. Test us at home to see what we've learnt!

Carrying on with our Science topic, we have been investigating light and how reflections work. We used the 'Bear Caves' to see how what we can see with the absence of light compared to what we can see when  a light source is added. Then we looked at how light travels, how it is reflected and how mirrors work.  Take a look at us in action!