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At Holyoakes, our pupils enjoy daily maths sessions, alongside other opportunities to play number games and practise their counting or maths facts throughout the day. 

Maths is all about being able to understand and use numbers in a range of situations, such as problem solving. Maths is all around us and learning doesn't just take place in the classroom! Your child's daily routine offers many experiences and opportunities to practise and apply their maths skills in real and meaningful ways.

It is so important that your child continues to practise and use their maths skills regularly at home, as this will continue to build and secure their knowledge, skills and understanding.


Below we have found some fun and creative maths ideas to support home learning, as well as, lots of useful and exciting websites. We are also creating some helpful resources to show the different ways that children learn maths at our school, so that you are able to support them with their work confidently at home.