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Growing Numbers


Pick a target number and get your child to crouch down. Then slowly count to the target number while your child grows. When you get to the target number your child stretches up, jumps and claps. 



Drumming Actions


Game 1: Choose an action e.g. hop. Bang a number of beats on a drum.  Your child listens and counts the number of taps in their head and then carries out the correct number of actions.


Game 2: Decide on an action for 1, 2 and 3 e.g. 1 = jump 2 = nod. Bang a number of beats on a drum, your child counts and carries out the correct action. Start with 1 – 3 and slowly build up the number of actions as your child is ready.


If you don’t have a drum you could use a pan and wooden spoon.

Number formation

  • Nonstandard measure

For this activity you will need some paper, a pencil and scissors.

Ask your child to draw around their shoe several times to make some feet and then ask your child to cut out the feet. Using the cut out feet measure how many feet long everyone in the house is. Who is the tallest/ shortest?


  • Duplo game

For this game you will need some duple bricks and a dice.  Give each player 15 bricks. Taking turns each player rolls the dice, the number the dice stops on is how many bricks you add to your tower.  The first one to complete their tower of 15 bricks wins.

  • How many…?

Create a zoo or farm small world play area with a range of animals. Join your child in their play and ask some of the following questions or give some of the following instructions:

- Pass me 3 chickens

Put 5 cows in the barn.

- How many sheep are there?

- Are there more horses or sheep?

- Put 4 ducks in the pond.

- Put 2 cows behind the tractor.

- If I have 4 cows, how many would I have if I added one more? 

When your child is counting encourage them to recite the numbers in the correct order and count each item. Watch out for your child counting some animals twice or  reciting numbers but not actually touch counting.

Our number song


How Many Fingers on One Hand?


How many fingers on one hand?

How many fingers on one hand?

How many fingers on one hand?

Let’s all count together

12345   12345   12345  12345


How many fingers on two hands?

How many fingers on two hands?

How many fingers on two hands?

Let’s all count together

12345678910  12345678910


Clap clap clap your hands,

Clap clap clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.



  • Play What’s The Time Mr Wolf? And support your child to count the correct number of steps.
  • Count how many toys you have, do you have more toy cars or more soft toys?
  • Go on a shape hunt and see what shapes you can find!
  • Where’s the toy?  Ask your child to close their eyes while you place a toy somewhere in eye sight. Without moving your child needs to tell you where the toy is by only using words. Encourage your child to use the words on, in, under, behind, next to and between.