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Magnificent Magnets

Welcome back!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas break and are ready to begin our Spring Term learning! We're starting this term, with an exciting Science week, where we will be investigating magnets and magnetic materials. We will also be learning about what friction is and how it works.

Is it Magnetic?

We have been investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials using horseshoe magnets and objects around the classroom. Take a look at what we found out!

Magnetic Art

We tried to create some pictures using paint and magnets. We had sop much fun trying to control the magnets, and realised the small magnets were only attracted to one side of the bar magnet.

Paperclip Challenge

We have challenged ourselves to find the strongest magnet. We tested this by seeing how many paperclips each magnet could hold. We concluded that the horseshoe magnet was the strongest!

Magnetic Poles

To understand how magnets are attracted to and repelled against each other, we tested them out and recorded what we found.