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Magnificent Magnets!

For our first Science week in Year 3, we will be focussing on magnets and forces. To start the week we looked at what a force is and different types of pushing and pulling actions. We had to create some freeze frames of these actions so the class could guess what type of force we were creating! Take a look at us in action:

Funky Friction

Day two of Science week, and we have been investigating friction; what it is and how it works. We had to think about how different surfaces would effect a car's motion, and how friction would work on different surfaces. We were able to conclude that rough, bumpy surfaces like carpet and corrugated cardboard would make the car travel slower, because there was more friction present!


Marvellous Magnets

Continuing with our investigative lessons, we have been discovering, today, if materials around the classroom were magnetic or non-magnetic. We tested things around the classroom and listed them in a table. We then thought about if all metals were magnetic, and tried some coins to check!

We then wanted to see if the magnetic field was visible, so we used iron fillings to see the force in action!

Magnetic Art

We thought about how magnets can be used to control things. So we tried to control them using paint, to create a masterpiece! We have to use teamwork and communication skills to help our class mates. 

Perfect Poles and Mighty Magnets

Finally, to finish our science week, we tested out magnet strength using paperclips and magnet poles. We created mazes and maps to guide a paperclip on top of paper with a magnet underneath. We learnt new vocabulary, such as; north pole, south pole, attract, repel and opposite. Test us and see what we know!