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Science Postcard Experiments

Post-card Experiments


We're going to be adding a science 'postcard' to this page frequently. These postcards include two cartoon characters, Marvin and Milo. They demonstrate the fun experiments, which include: Alka -Seltzer rockets, magic balloons, making a lava lamp, musical coat hanger, making a foil boat and many more. This resource has been provided by the Institute of Physics!


Down below is a link to your first post-card, which is creating a Musical Coat Hanger - linking nicely to our topic on sound. 


We hope you have lots of fun with these postcard experiments. Please show us what you've been up to via emailing :)

Musical Coat Hanger

Making a Metal Foil Boat - perfect for this weather!

Straw Gun!

The Forceful Comb!

Making Soap Sculptures

Spot a Raw Egg from a Cooked One