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Living Under the Same Sky...

In this topic we will be exploring lots of different cultures!

We will be reading the story of 'Gregory Cool' by Caroline Binch, and finding out about Gregory's adventures when he visits a new and unfamiliar country. 

Incredible Indian Dancing

To kick start our new topic,  we participated in an Indian Dance Workshop, by Rebecca. We learnt lots of new moves all the way from Bollywood and worked so hard to put them all together and remember them. We even had to sing some of the words! Challenge us to teach you the moves at home!


We have been finding out about, and researching the festival of Diwali that is celebrated this year on the 14th of November. We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita. Ask your children to tell you some Diwali facts and about the exciting story.

We have made posters to show our new knowledge. What do you think?



Fantastic Fireworks!

After researching both Bonfire Night and Diwali we created some firework art. First of all we had to colour our page using wax crayons. Then we had to paint over the top of it with black paint. We were a little sad to cover up the beautiful colours, but we can't wait to scratch fireworks into them when they are dry!

Wow, they look amazing!

Rangoli Designs

This afternoon, we learnt all about Rangoli designs; their history and why and when they are used. We know that they are used during Diwali celebrations in Hindu cultures, as a way to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into their homes.

We followed a step by step guide to draw one, then worked as a team to decorate some Rangoli designs!


This week, we have been focussing on speech and punctuation. We created speech bubbles and a conversation between Gregory and Lennox from the book. Some of also created some human sentences.

Caribbean Cooking

To end our 'Living Under the Same Sky...' topic, we put our chopping skills to the test and made a zingy, delicious Caribbean slaw! We learnt, firstly, about how to use a knife safely and some hygiene rules, then we applied this in the kitchen. We worked together as a team, and helped each other to develop our skills. Enjoy your slaw!