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July Home Learning

Hello Year Two's, 


Firstly, it was lovely to see lots of your smiling faces on Monday and Tuesday. We hope you had a lovely time getting to know your new teachers, Miss Gibbons and Mrs Asplin.


Over this week, we will be uploading areas of the Curriculum that will help you get ready for the transition to Year 3. 


Things to Remember:

Try and make the most of daily outdoor time. Exercise and fresh air is really good for your physical and mental health, just remember to social distance to keep yourselves safe. Maybe you could look out for any wildlife you can spot while you’re out and about? 


Take care and bye for now – but we will be back soon with some more fun filled learning for you!


Stay safe,

Miss Barke, Mrs Winders and Mrs Rasheed



If your child would like to focus on improving and practising their handwriting you will find lots of handwriting practise activities below.  A good place to start is ensuring your child is forming their letters and numbers correctly.


There is no expectation right now that your child should be joining all their handwriting but for those children who are at this stage they will have been taught many of these joins in handwriting lessons at school.

Five Top Tips To Improve Your Child's Handwriting

Spelling and Handwriting


Practice the Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words by reading them out loud to an adult and writing them down in your neatest handwriting.



Use the Suffixes below to practise handwriting, spelling and sentence writing.


sad (Root word) + ness (Suffix) = sadness (New Word)




Writing  Opportunities


Write a traditional story with a Beginning, Middle and End. 

Use one of your favourite story books as inspiration for your characters and setting.