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How does your Garden Grow?

Jasper's Beanstalk


How Does Your Garden Grow?


This week at nursery we will start our new topic. We will be reading the story Jasper's Beanstalk and have a Garden centre role play area in the nursery garden. 


Activities to try at home:


  • Growing experiment – You will need 4 beans and 4 pots. Plant a bean in each pot and discuss the different things plants need to grow. Support your child to predict which bean will grow into a beanstalk.

Pot 1: this bean will have water and sunlight.

Pot 2: this bean will have sunlight but no water

Pot 3: this bean will have water but no sunlight

Pot 4: this bean will have no water and no sunlight.



By drawing pictures get your child to label the different pots. When some of your beans start to grow discuss what you have learnt and recap the things plants need to grow.


  • Go on a bug hunt in the garden, how many slugs can you find?
  • Plant a bean in clear sandwich bag or clear container with a little cotton wool and put your bean somewhere sunny. As your beanstalk starts to grow talk about the changes you can see and name the different parts of the plant e.g. roots, stem, leaves.