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It's A Colourful World

What a super start to our first term in Year 3! We have had lots of fun thinking about emotions and feelings. We have thought of some useful coping strategies how to deal with our emotions  and will use these both at home and school. 


Creative Calligrams

We learnt all about Calligrams and how we might use them to display our emotions. We created some fantastic art work, take a look!

Perfect Place Value 

We have been recapping our place value skills in order to start the exciting Year 3 curriculum. We played games and asked each other questions to test our knowledge. 

We also had a go at using the arrow cards to make 3 digit numbers. We had to remember that sometimes 0 acts as a place holder.

Savage Pirates 

We have started our new book this week, 'Dear Teacher' where Michael refuses to return to school! He turns himself into different characters when he goes on an exciting adventure. We worked on using a thesaurus to find exciting, varied vocabulary to create expanded noun phrases to describe the Pirate from the book. 

We then took on the task of drawing our Pirates that we had described. We used a step by step video to help us. Take a look at our naughty, mischievous pirates!

Fantastic FANBOYS!

This week we are focusing on perfecting our grammar. We have been looking at using coordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences and remembering to place a comma before the conjunction. We took some letters for the book and tried to extend some of Michael's sentences. 



Colourful Kandinsky

This week have been researching artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We found out about his life and some interesting facts about the artwork he created. We then tried to replicate his 'Squares with Concentric Circles' artwork, but with a twist! They look great!

'Should children go to school?'

This week we focused on debate writing and trying to use our coordinating conjunctions to help us give reasons. We thought about for and against arguments and debated in the hall against year 4. In the end, as everyone created such convincing points, it was a draw! 

Super Stamps 

To finish our topic, we created some stamps from all the different adventures Michael, our character in the book has been up to. We create space, pirate, pyramid and skiing stamps and they look great on Oak classes' display board!

Here is our display in Maple class