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 Task 1 

Can you write a sentence for each of these picture pairs using the conjunction if? The first one has been done for you.

You can have your cake if you have eaten your salad.


1. You can play your guitar if __________________________


2. You can have an ice cream if ______________________


3. You can wear your new trainers if ___________________


Can you write a sentence about something you get to do if you finish something else?


Task 2 

Write a sentence about when you do these two things, using the conjunction when to join the clauses? The first one has been done for you. 

I will do my work when I have eaten my lunch.


1. I will go home when ____________________


2. I will play outside when ______________________


3. I will eat my dinner when _____________________


4. I will go to bed when ________________________


5. I will go to sleep when ______________________


Can you write your own sentences using the conjunction when.