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Fir and Hazel

How to look after Bog Baby.


This week Bog Baby has visited our class and he need our help. He doesn't have any food, water or a place to sleep! So we decided to look after him. We wrote instruction on what we need to do to make his stay a happy one!


Bog Baby in his new home:

A few examples of our instructions:


Bog Baby Clay Models! On Friday, we made a sculpture out of drying clay. We worked step by step to build bog babies features (wings, arms and legs and cut little face)!

The Mysterious Creature was a Bog Baby! 


First thing this morning, Mrs Koser shared an important letter with us from West Midlands Police which explained that an unidentified creature had been spotted around Redditch and heading towards our Forest School. So we decided to become detectives! We looked around our school grounds and headed over to forest school. On our walk we looked carefully for the creature and found some possible clues.

When we arrived at forest school we noticed it was covered in blue sparkly glitter!

We also found:
A nest with blue and white feathers,
A blue web with bugs caught inside it,
Some blue droppings,
A very warm and cosy nest full of leaves twigs and purples flowers,
and  screwed up note that talked about unknown creatures found in Bluebell Woods.


Check our webpage soon to see what we find...












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