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Fairies and dragons.

Some of my favourite stories and films have dragons or fairies in. Why not use the things in this page to make up your own fairy or dragon character? What would they look like? What magical power might they have? What does their home look like and who are their friends and neighbours? Maybe they have an evil enemy that they need to defeat? Maybe you get turned into a fairy or dragon? We can't wait to see what you create!

Open the boxes in this game to reveal a character or story idea. Use as many as you like in your story. You can draw pictures of your story, tell your story to someone else, or write about your story. Maybe video yourself telling the story and watch it back!

I have a word challenge for you! Spin the wheel in this game and use the words when telling your fairy and Dragon stories. Remember, you don't have to write your story down, you could draw it or record yourself telling it. Maybe use teddies and toys from your house when you are telling it? 

Perhaps you could make a fairy house or dragon's cave in your house? You can paint them, make them with blankets and sheets, boxes and tubes, maybe even with rocks and plants in your garden. 

Zuzanna has made a fairy house.

Zuzanna has made a fairy house. 1

Can you find the words in these wordsearches? Remember to click the clue when you have found the word in the wordsearch.