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Regular exercise is not only great for keeping you fit and healthy but it can also improve your mood. During exercise, your body releases special chemicals that you help you feel happy and relaxed. There are lots of different types of exercises that you can do in your home or near where you live. For example, you could go for a walk or a bike ride, practise some skipping or dance to your favourite songs!


Here are some great ideas of other ways that you can exercise at home:


Cosmic Kids Yoga-  

A great website full of videos that make Yoga fun for everyone.


Go Noodle- 

This gets children up and moving to fun. It allows children to wake up their bodies as well as engaging their minds.


BBC Super Movers-  

These are videos that will get your child up and moving, and they are linked to the curriculum. The can also be selected based on which key stage your child is in.


Joe Wicks PE Lessons- 

The famous exercise guru Joe Wicks has created lots of PE lessons on his YouTube channel, for you to take part in.