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Spellings practise – using a range of techniques and handwriting in your activity books.

KS1 Spelling quizzes and activities -


Read a book and write a review about it:

Keep a diary, logging any day-to-day activities you have completed.



Writing Home Learning Grid Year 2

Please complete as many as you can whilst you are home learning. These have been designed to be practical and open ended for you to have fun completing.

Read a story and re-write it in as much detail as you can.

Write a poem that has rhyming words in about your favourite things.

Write a letter to a member of your family that is also staying at home.

Research your favourite animal/country/topic of your choice and write a fact file.

Write a newsletter to your friends and family explaining what you have been up to that week.

Think of a different world to visit and write a story about it.

Write an acrostic poem for HOME LEARNING.

Do some cooking or play a game and write some instructions.

Research your favourite celebrity and write a biography.

Practise your spellings and phonic rules. You could test a family member!

Write a character description about one of your teddies or toys.

Read and orally retell your favourite poem using actions to help you.

After doing something interesting write a recount of what you did.

Find an interesting picture from and write a story about it.

Play a writing game such as hangman and make a list of games you have played.

Write a story where you are the main character.

Research 3 different types of poem and write out your favourites.

Write a menu and play restaurants for a mealtime.

Make an advert or poster for something you’ve made or done.

Play a range of SPAG games online using a website of your choice or education city.

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Reading Home Learning Grid Year 2

Please complete as many as you can whilst you are home learning. These have been designed to be practical and open ended for you to have fun completing.

Practise recalling the graphemes you have learnt from your sound mat.

Act out a story with your family – you could make a play!

Ask an adult to ask you some questions about what you have read.

Read a book and see if you can find an animated version to spot the differences.

Look through your book for exciting vocabulary and make a list of meanings.

Go on a grapheme hunt through your reading book and make a list of words you find.

Write a book review of the different stories you read.

Draw a story mountain and retell the story into the 5 main parts.

Read a range of books by the same author to spot any similarities.

Choose a character from a story and write a diary page after a big event from the book.

Look through your books for any punctuation marks and talk about what they mean.

Read for at least 15 minutes every day.

Draw a story map of the whole story using key vocabulary and conjunctions.

Find at least 10 different things to read from stories to menu’s and magazines.

Record yourself reading a book and listen back to hear if you are using expression.

Read a story aloud to a family member using expressions.

Write some questions that you could ask about what you are reading.

Practise reading the Year 2 word lists.

Read the blurb from a book and make a prediction before reading it.

Draw a picture or make something to capture the essence of a story.


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