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Elmer the Elephant

Our new topic is based on the book Elmer by David Mckee.


You can listen to David Mckee read "Elmer the Elephant" by clicking on the youtube link below.

Time for Storytime: David McKee reads Elmer

Sit back with your little one and let the wonderful author-illustrator David McKee read from his successful and much-loved picture book, Elmer. Filmed & edit...

Elmer The Elephant song (hokey pokey)

Original lyrics to the tune of the Hokey Pokey. Elmer created by David McKee. Lyrics: Elmer the elephant has got a big, big nose and Two big ears and ten big...

Try some of these activities.

Elephant - My animal friends - Animals Documentary -Kids educational Videos

Welcome to the world of elephants. These gigantic mammals enjoy a wonderful life grazing together. This segment showcases fascinating facts about elephants. ...

Use this power point to find out about African elephants.

Can you learn to sing this song about Wrinkly elephants?

Elephants Have Wrinkles

Children's song

Try to learn some of these elephant songs and poems.