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Day 6 Saturday

The chicks have come to stay at Mrs Johnson's house for the weekend. I can hear them chirping and cheeping to each other when I am in another room to them!  They met my rabbit Morgan and after she gave them a little sniff they settled straight in.  Morgan will sometimes hop to the brooder box to say hello.

I weighed some of the chicks to see how heavy they are.  Can you identify which is the heaviest and lightest today?  We will weigh the chicks on other days.  Getting heavier means that the chicks are getting enough food and drink and are growing well.

The chicks can have some other food in addition to the crumb that they  I eat but you have to reduce the amount of the crumb so that they don't eat too much.  The book that came with the chicks recommends feeding them a little cooked egg.  Apparently it is very good for them! I tried them with a litte egg today, and gave them slightly less crumb.