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Daily routine ideas

Things to add to your daily routine


  • When cooking let your child help prepare the food, e.g. using a safe knife your child could butter their own toast or help cut the vegetables.
  • At meal times name the different foods your child is eating and describe what they are like. E.g. a crunchy carrot, warm soup.
  • Every time you walk up the stairs count how many steps.
  • Read a story before going bed, with each new page give your child time to point out things to you. Talk about what they can see using words for actions as well as things e.g.  The lion is hiding behind the tree.

                  Ask questions about the story or model what you think e.g.

                  Why is the bear sad? I think the bear is sad because he wanted a friend.

                  Encourage your child to think about what might happen next in the story.

  • At the end of the day talk to your child about what you did that day using words such as First, second, next, after.
  • While your child is talking try to extend their sentences for example if your child says “I want that car” you could model back “you want the black shiny car”
  • Spend at least 10 minutes everyday doing something physical, below are some of our favourite dance and workout videos.