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Marvelous Matisse (11th-15th May)

This week we would like you to learn all about Henri Matisse. If you can, look at the Powerpoint to learn about him, if not, you can look him up on Google.


It would be great if you can create a fact sheet/booklet/leaflet about him. Remember we did this in school when we learned about Henri Rousseau.


He created many works of art which were mainly 'still life', such as bowls of fruit, flowers and portraits of people. Can you have a go at drawing or painting something in your home.


When he was older he used coloured paper pieces that he had ripped and cut out. Below is one of his famous works of art called 'the snail'. Can you see the spiral shape of its shell?




It would be lovely if you can create your own 'the snail' picture.


Please send any pictures of your Henri Matisse art and/or facts about him to with Mrs Asplin or Miss Gibbons Art in the title. We would love to put some of your art and facts on here for everyone to see.  


Here is some reading and comprehension about Captain Tom Moore, who has raised millions for the NHS by walking around his garden. Choose the reading level that is best for you.
Also, there are some fun live YouTube sessions at 11am every day this week about oceans and the seashore with Maddie Moate. Have a watch if you can. 

The Seashore & Rockpools | Oceans Week | #29 LET'S GO LIVE with Maddie & Greg

THINGS YOU MIGHT NEED: To make your own rockpool you could use: - A watertight container (Bowl, tub, deep tray) - A selection of rocks, pebbles and shells - ...