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Crafty Cave Paintings (8th-12th June)

We hope you enjoyed your first week of our new Stones N' Bones topic and have learnt a little bit more about Stone Age life!



This week we are going to explore Stone Age arts and crafts. Your first task is to use the PowerPoint provided to research cave paintings and make some notes in your green books (you will need for your second task!)


You will then need to explore the outside area around your home to see what you can find to create your very own cave painting! One rule only- you MUST NOT use any paint! Things you could use include: wild berries, mud, grass, flowers! Your cave painting could be done on a spare piece of paper or a spare old sheet you have in your house. It could even be done on the pavement outside your house!


We look forward to seeing what you create; remember to email addressed to Miss Gibbons or Mrs Asplin!