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The hutch building challenge for Mr and Mrs Johnson.

On Sunday we built the rabbits a new hutch. We ordered the hutch on our computer and it came in pieces with instructions to show us how to make it. Mr Johnson helped Mrs Johnson to put it together. Here are some photos to show you.



What we needed.

The hutch came in 3 boxes.
The instructions.
Some tools and screws.

The hutch came in pieces that we had to screw together.

We had to move the rabbits out of their old hutch and into their run on the grass. Then Mrs Johnson cleaned out the old cage and we moved it down to the bottom of the garden out of our way. We will break the old hutch into pieces and take it to the top when it reopens.

This is where Morgan and Violet are going to play whilst we build their new hutch.

Still image for this video

They can munch the grass whilst in their run.

Still image for this video
The mess from the cage ready for the bin.
Carrying Morgan to her run.

Every time I clean out the rabbits cage the poo, newspaper, straw and hay that I take out fills up a large bin bag. 

Building the new hutch.

The frame for the bottom of the hutch.
The floor goes in next.
Now the back has been out on.
The doors at the bottom are now on
Mr Johnson is making the top of the hutch.
Putting the screws in to fix it together.
The floor goes in.
They get to the bottom of the hutch using the ramp
This arch leads to their quiet, dark room.
The roof has been out on.
Now we need to screw it on.
Mr Johnson uses his electric screw driver.
The hutch is ready now.

When the hutch was finished I made it comfortable for Morgan and Violet. It is the biggest hutch we could get. It is important that they have lots of room because they need space to exercise in there. I put newspaper on the floor to make it comfortable and in case they wee on the floor. I put hay in their hay racks because they need to eat hay every day. I attached their water bottles and put their tunnel in the bottom floor to play in. I put their litter trays in. They wee in their litter trays and that keeps the hutch clean. 

They have a hay rack and litter tray at the bottom
They have a hay rack at the top.
They wee and poo in the litter tray.
Now the rabbits can go into their new hutch.

A hutch cover keeps the hutch warm and dry.