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Bunny Watch with Mrs Johnson's rabbits.

*Disclaimer; The most important thing to say before you learn all about my rabbits is that they take a lot of hard work to look after. Cleaning them out is a regular job and is always left to me to do.  They need to be fed and given fresh hay and water everyday, they need a huge hutch and run to live in which can be expensive to buy, and space to exercise. Rabbits should be kept in pairs.  They can live for a long time, they would happily eat all day long, and can be quite destructive. They nibble everything, dig whenever I turn my back on them, and are really good at escaping! They also poo everywhere. Although rabbits look cute and cuddly they actually don't like being picked up and cuddled very much. *

Try our new Bunny quiz game. Decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect.

Bunny Birthday Party!

On Wednesday the 27 th of May it is Morgan and Violet's birthday. They are going to be 5. Perhaps you could make them a birthday picture or card? Send them to

Perhaps you could make a leader board for the rabbits to keep a record of the scores from our challenges. You could add to the board as the rabbits try more games and activities. You could also make a certificate or award poster for the winner of today's challenge. A labelled drawing of the rabbits would be an interesting thing to send to me.

The rabbits will need a new hutch soon as theirs is old now. As soon as I can find one big enough I will buy it and get Mr Johnson to build it for me. The rabbit's hutch needs to be very big so that they have lots of room. You could draw me a picture of what you think the hutch should look like. It should have an upstairs and downstairs, a way to get up and down inside, somewhere for their food and drink to go, somewhere they can look out from and a dark place that they can hide in. Send your hutch designs to Mrs Johnson at 



Please remember to give me permission to use t he photos and drawings on the web page when you send them to me.

All about Morgan.

*Morgan is a girl rabbit.

*Her full name is Morgan Ginger Johnson.

*She is 5 years old.

*She is a lop eared rabbit.

*Morgan is the biggest of our rabbits.

*Morgan likes digging holes in my garden!

*Morgan likes nibbling cardboard boxes.

*Morgan's favourite foods are brocolli and dandelion leaves.

*Wilf chose Morgan at the pet shop. He liked her colour and wanted to look after her because when we got her she had a little cut on her ear.

*When we got her one of her ears always stuck up and one flopped down!

*Morgan is the friendliest of our bunnies and doesn't mind be picked up. She sniffs our toes when we are barefoot in the garden and her whiskers tickle us!


All about Violet.

*Violet is a girl rabbit.

* Her full name is Violet Daisy Johnson.

* She is 5 years old.

* Mrs Johnson chose Violet because she is so pretty.

* Violet likes to eat blueberries and dandelions.

* Violet likes running fast around the garden.

* Violet also likes to nibble my plants and flowers!

* She is the smallest of our rabbits.

*Violet likes being stroked behind her ears. She does not really like being picked up.

* Violet loves snuggling up to Morgan.



Violet and Morgan are best friends and love each other very much.

Violet and Morgan are best friends and love each other very much. 1 Morgan snuggles Violet.
Violet and Morgan are best friends and love each other very much. 2 They sleep together.
Violet and Morgan are best friends and love each other very much. 3 They share their food.
Violet and Morgan are best friends and love each other very much. 4 They both love eating hay.

Morgan will often give Violet a lick.

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Violet and Morgan love running around my garden and nibbling my plants. Which bunny do you think is the cheekiest?

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Morgan washes her face.

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