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On Friday Chester Zoo are running an endangered species love day. This is the timetable they are aiming for on the 15th though they say it might change and there may be some surprises through the day. I will definitely be watching the Orangutans as they are one of my favourite animals!


10:00 One horned rhinos

11:00 Mountain chicken frogs

12:00 Northern cheetahs

1:00 Tropical bird feeding time

2:00 Orangutan  hang

3:00 VIsayan Earth Pigs

Chester Zoo has also put together some learning activities. Please click on the links below to access them.

After watching your child could draw their favourite animal and write facts about it. If you do this in their home learning book we can see it when they get back. You could see which is the biggest and smallest animal, which animal they think is the longest and shortest, heaviest and lightest.  Could they build an animal enclosure using junk modelling, Lego or other construction kits? They could keep a tally of how many animals they see throughout the day and count them all up when the virtual zoo closes.

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