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The Deep Blue Sea (18th-22nd May)

Your last task before a well earned week off next week, focuses on our wonderful, blue planet! We have thought about our world, in previous topics, and how we must recycle to look after it. We know we must not let any plastic get into our oceans to allow the animals living there to stay safe. 


1. Follow the PowerPoint below to find out what we can do to save our oceans.


2. Your next task is to create an eye catching poster explaining to other children what you have learnt. Remember to make it nice and bright so people want to read it.


3. Then you need to try and make the biggest, most impressive plastic structure you can using recycling in your house. Who is going to make the tallest structure? How could you fix your reclining together? I would love to see pictures of what you have managed to create- email for Miss Gibbons or Mrs Asplin.