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Big and small games

Play these games to sort big and small items.

Tall and Short | Jack Hartmann | Measurement Song

Tall or Short by Jack Hartmann introduces the concept of height and compares tall and short objects. Jack Hartmann gives real life examples of tall and short and then students are asked to apply this skill when answering the next part of the video if an object is tall or short.

Big Bigger Biggest (Original Learning Time Fun Song) | Compare the Sizes for Kids

learningtimefun #learningsongsforkids #educationalvideosfortoddlers Learn big bigger biggest for kids and small smaller smallest with our sizes (both big and small) learning song for kids! This big and small song for kids is great for preschool and kindergarten and teaches your toddler big bigger biggest and small smaller smallest with an incredibly catchy tune and beat and with simple and easily singable lyrics!

Jack Hartmann's Heavy or Light teaches the measurement concept of heavy and light. Compare heavy things to light things in this heavy or light video. Build body and brain connections as students are asked to demonstrate with movements to demonstrate if something is heavy or light. Learn that heavy and light are opposites.