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Baby bird watch.

There are many baby birds that are leaving their nests now and learning to feed themselves. There are also many adult birds who are busy finding food for the baby birds who are still in their nests. The robin, blackbirds and wood pigeons have been visiting my garden and feeders regularly. We have also been lucky enough to have young blue tits,  starlings and coal tits visiting with their parents. 


Listen out for baby birds calling for the or parents, ad one look out for them begging their parents for food.

Fledgling starlings feeding time

Who said starlings were reducing in number?

This baby blue t it is begging by cheeping and trembling it's wings even though it is right next to the feeders! 

Fluffy begs for food

Baby Bluetit begs for food

Now you know a bit about different baby birds you can play one of Mrs Johnson's baby bird games!

Mrs Johnson's family have been watching the Spring Watch programmes on the BBC. There have been badgers, beavers, foxes, otters, swans, worms, stickleback fish, dippers, and long eared owls to name but a few of the stars of the show. There are cameras on different bird nests 24 hours a day to watch. The Spring Watch website gives you access to all of the above and more, just click on the link below. All Spring Watch episodes are available on the BBC iplayer.