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Autumn term

The colour of my world
After exploring lots of different emotions this week we had a go at creating our own emotions jar for the Colour monster. We used different materials to show what activities and events make us feel these emotions.
Clay monsters
Emotion jars
Once upon a time
The Gingerbread man
Look at the mess in the dining room! Year 1 had an unexpected visitor in today. From looking at the clues we believe it was the Gingerbread man. What do you think? 
Gingerbread Man homework
Well done to everyone who completed their homework, you all did a fantastic job! 

Re-telling the Gingerbread man


We worked in our table groups to retell the story. We used a story mountain to make sure we remembered the different parts of the story.

Making Gingerbread men


We followed a recipe to make our own Gingerbread men biscuits.

Oh no!


We went to decorate them the next day but they had all disappeared.

Miss Willis and Mrs Millward popped to the shops to buy some more Gingerbread men so that we could decorate them. We used icing, chocolate drops and smarties to create their features.



Year 1 have had an unwelcomed visitor this week and she has been causing big problems. We have had to tape the areas off in order to keep the evidence.

To try and catch Goldilocks we tried to make porridge that was 'just right', here are a few photos of us testing it out.
After discovering another clue in Year 1, we believe Cinderella has been to visit us, but as she left in such a hurry she left her shoe behind!