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Autumn Faces

The children have loved making faces out of Autumn things that we collected on our walk round school.


The children have loved looking at pumpkins. We talked about what we thought the inside of a pumpkin would look like, where we thought they grew and what they might smell like. We watched a video that showed us how pumpkins grow. Then, we opened up a pumpkin and each had a turn at pulling some of the seeds out. The children had lots of fun and came up with some great words to describe what it felt like inside!

This afternoon we went on a walk around school to see what signs of Autumn we could find. The children had checklists and buckets to collect anything they found. They also took photos on the iPads of our walk. We found acorns, conkers, pine cones, sweet chestnuts and lots of different coloured leaves! Below are some pictures of our walk. 

Birch Class Autumn Walk