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Aut 2

Voyages of Discovery


To start of this half term, Year 4 have been reading the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. We have already found out lots about Oliver and his tiring adventures with his explorer parents.  What will happen when Mom and Dad get captured?

During our grammar lessons, we have been learning about tenses. We were able to change simple past tense phrases into their past perfect form, by using 'had'. We then had a go at changing these into their past perfect negative form, using 'hadn't'.


After this, we had a look at using the correct speech punctuation for dialogue. We can now use inverted commas, whilst making our reporting clauses interesting and realistic! Great work Year 4 :)

Whilst reading the book, we have found out that each year the 'Night of the Seawigs' is held and the best Seawig wins the competition. We already know that Oliver and Iris are trying their hardest to help Cliff win the competition, so we decided to make our own. Check out our designs and see if you can spot the objects that we decided to put on them.

Layers of the Ocean


Whilst reading the book, we have been thinking about the Ocean in more detail. We firstly located Oceans around the world and then had a look at the different layers within the Ocean. We found out that their are 5 main layers and explored which animals would live there.


Narnia Business!

Henry Moore Artwork


During the last few weeks of half term, we will be studying the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. The children have been introduced to the first part of the book, where we find ourselves in the midst of World War 2. We discussed what life would've been like in WW2 and why children had to be evacuated. 


In turn, we felt like Henry Moore (a famous WW2 artist) really inspired us to recreate his famous 'London Underground' art work. We used a range of pastel colours to show how dark and cramped it would've been for people, during those times. The children worked really hard!

Sketching Aslan the Lion

After our first two weeks of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we have begun to delve deeper into the world of Narnia. This week we have written character descriptions about Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan. In addition to this, we have attempted to draw Aslan the lion from the story. We practised shading techniques first, so that we could apply them to our drawings. We all had a go at it, and tried our best at sketching Aslan step by step. Miss Lewis even had a go on the board herself!



What an end to our Autumn term! Well done for all of your hard work Year 4! The children spent this week doing lots of activities leading up to the Christmas holidays. We had some surprises from Santa, and finally watched Narnia whilst eating yummy Turkish Delight.