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Alien crash landing!

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Outer Space A Beautiful, Beautiful World, The Earth Song by StoryBots

Property of Story Bots I in no way made or produced this video. Only posted so that I had captions for educational purposes.

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Whilst we were listening to a story we heard a massive crash and bang.  It was coming from our school hall. When we went to investigate this is what we saw.

Some aliens had crashed their space ship in our hall.  We think they had crashed through the ceiling because we saw some cracks in it.

Picture 1

There were many strange alien things all over the hall.  We carried them carefully into our classrooms and checked that the aliens  were ok.

Picture 1
Picture 2

These are some of the things we found.  We are going to work out what they are and help the aliens to return home.  We will need to fix their space ship first.

Picture 1 This looks like it has planets on it.
Picture 2 We spotted some alien writing on this one.
Picture 3 There was some alien writing on this one too.
Picture 4 We wonder what this might be for.
Picture 5 We don't know what is inside of these tins.
Picture 6 There are lots of odd things here.
Picture 7 Where do these need to go on our space ship?
Picture 8 These might be for cleaning the space ship.
Picture 9 What are the holes for?
Picture 10 This box is so shiny.
Picture 11 There are lots of buttons on this panel.
Picture 12 We think the space ship is made from metal.
Picture 13 We need to put these back together again.
Picture 14 These are so shiny.
Picture 15 There are lots of buttons on this one.
Picture 16 This book is filled with alien writing.

This alien is being looked after by Ash class. He told us that his name is Cuddles and told us lots about himself today. 

Picture 1 Cuddles the alien.

This alien is being looked after by Birch class.  Her name is Ruby.

Picture 1 Ruby the alien.

We will put some pictures on here of us helping the aliens and fixing their space ship.  Please check back soon.