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 Kim's Game 

 Have a selection of objects on a tray and cover them with a blanket. Take an object away without your child seeing. Can your child tell you what object is missing?



 Where's the teddy?


 Ask your child to sit in the middle of a room and close their eyes. Place a toy somewhere in the room and ask your child to open their eyes. Your child needs to tell you where they toy is using only words such as: "the bear is next to the chair" 


Focus on developing the language: next to, under, behind, between and in. 

Understanding no as a negative. 


Have two different teddies and a range of items such as cup, hat, glasses, handbag etc.  Give one teddy an item and ask your child to show you 'who has no cup' 


To make this more challenging give each teddy a few items.